Cheeselandia™ Application

We Brie-long together!

Greetings from Cheeselandia! We’re on the hunt for cheese lovers and enthusiasts throughout the country to help drive a conversation about Wisconsin cheese by hosting cheese parties in their homes. In exchange, we’ll send you swag and, of course, a box full of Wisconsin cheese to share with your family and friends.

If chosen as a Cheeselandia party host, you agree to host a home cheese party within the term’s parameters and invite a minimum of 8 attendees. Hosts are required to document and share their home cheese party experience via photos and/or videos posted to their public Instagram account. Each photo must also tag @visitcheeselandia and utilize the hashtag #cheeselandia.

After the event, hosts will be asked to complete a brief follow-up form sharing their cheese party experience, as well as any thoughts or suggestions on how to improve future parties. We do not offer compensation for participation in the program. However, hosts will receive a box full of cheese party swag including a wooden cheeseboard, cheese knives and other party goodies, as well as a shipment of cheese for their party (enough for guests to take home after the event.)

Cheeselandia™ Application

We're All Filled Up!

Thanks for your interest in applying to be a Cheeslandia party host. All of our spring slots have been filled at this time. Should we hold another round of Cheeselandia parties in the future, you can be the first to know by following us on Instagram at @visitcheeslandia.

Step 1:
Personal Information

First, we need to get some details.

If you're selected, we'll send you a box of goodies. This info is visible to Wisconsin Cheese staff only.

Must be month / day / year format

Step 2:
Cheese Experience & Enthusiasm

Next, we'd like learn how you feel about cheese!

When it comes to cheese I consider myself...
1 = A curious cheese novice.
10 = A seasoned cheese expert.

(1-10 ranking)

The cheeses I am most familiar with are...

Step 3:
Getting to Know You

Next, we'd like to know a little bit about your personality.

Three characteristics that best describe me are:

Three things every good gathering needs are:

If I were a cheese, my label would say:

Step 4:
Social Media

Next, we'd like to take a look at your social media accounts.

Provide a link to your Instagram account. Must include full link (http://)

What other social media platforms do you use? Please include links to all that apply. Must include full link (http://)

Step 5:
Conflicts of Interest

Finally, let's see if we have any conflicts.

Have you ever partnered with brands or organizations in the past? If so, please list all:

Are you currently partnering with any other brands or organizations? If so, please list all:

We'd love to know how you found out about this opportunity:

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*Like you, we believe spam has only one place in this world: in a can on a shelf. We promise to use your information for gouda not evil. We will never spam you or share your information. We’ll only use it to determine if you are one of the most enthusiastic cheese lovers in the land... and the right person to help us spread the word about Wisconsin Cheese.

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